Moonji Kids Series presents stories for children from Korea and around the world with great literary values mainly for primary school children. Moonji Kids Series tries to help children to have dream and love. Moonji Kids Series is divided into 3 difficulty levels for primary school students. Children with different level of reading ability can choose accordingly.

First volume of the Series started with Roberto Piumini’s “Mattia and Old Man” in 1999. 44 volumes are published in 2003 at present.

Moonji Kids Series includes Newbery Award winning “The Winter Room” by Gary Paulsen, “Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle, and “Last Bat princess ‘Migaya'” that won the 42th “Baek-sang Arts Award” in Korea. Besides, Moonji Kids series are recommended by many associations and committees.

Level 1: Recommended for grade 1-2
Level 2: Recommended for grade 3-4
Level 3: Recommended for grade 5-6

Mattia and Old Man (Mattia e il Nonno), Roberto Piumini, translated by Hyun-Gyung Yi, 1999

Younger Brother’s Secret, William Blake and others, edited and translated by Gyung-Ryul Chang, illustrated by Jung-Han Kim, 1999

Cabot-Caboche, Daniel Pennac, translated by Jung-Yim Yun, 1999

Le Jour ou J’ai ete le chef, Florence Seyvos, translated by Yun-Jung Choe, illustrated by So-Young Kim, 1999

The Children searching for treasure, Edith Nesbit, translated by Seo-Jung Kim, illustrated by Hye-Won Yang, 2000

Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley and me, Elizabeth, written by E. L. Konigsburg, translated by Mi-Ran Jang, illustrated by Mi-Sook Yun, 2000

Kamo, L’agence Babel, Daniel Pennac, translated by Hyun-Sil Jo, 2000

Joker, Susie Morgenstern, translated by Ye-Ryung Kim , 2000

Last Bat Princess ‘Migaya’, Kyung-Hye Yi, illustrated by Hye-Won Yang, 2000

The Winter Room, Gary Paulsen, translated by Hyang-Joo Pak, illustrated by Gwang-Sam Go, 2001

Wolf eyes (L’oeil de Loup), Daniel Pennac, translated by Yun-Jung Choe, 2001

Norbert Nackendick, Michael Ende, translated by Seo-Jung Kim, 2001

Wrinkle in Time, Madeleine L’Engle Franklin, translated by Soon-Hui Choe, illustrated by Sung-Bong Oh, 2001

Animal Stories, Believe or Not, Seo-Jung Kim, Young-Soon Shin, 2001

Gio’s Adventure, Chang-Ik Jung, 2001

Kamo, l’idee du Siecle, Daniel Pennac, translated by Hyun-Sil Jo, 2001

The Night making us awake(Les nuits ou personne ne dort), Christophe Honore, translated by Ye-Ryung Kim, 2001

We the Earth, Katherine Scholes, illustrated by Shane Nagle, translated by Kyung-Ryul Jang, 2001

Blue Lights, Moka, illustrated by Yvan Pommaux, translated by Ye-Ryung Kim, 2001

My Place in Space, Robin Hirst & Sally Hirst, illustrated by Roland Harvey & Joe Levine, translated by Kyung-Ryul Jang, 2002

Kamo et Moi, Daniel Pennac, translated by Hyun-Sil Jo, 2002

Le Changelin, Marie-
Aude Murail, Yvan Pommaux, Ye-Ryung Kim, 2002

Time of Wonder, Robert MaClosky, translated by Seo-Jung Kim, 2002

If Peeking quietly, Dong-Joo Yun and others, edited by Yun-Jung Choe, illustrated by Yu-Min Han, 2002

Lillebror och Kaarlsson Pa Taket, Astrid Lindgren, translated by Mi-Kyung Jung, 2002

Putting an Praise into Post-Box, Kyung-Sun Pak, illustrated by Jung-Hwa Bang, 2002

One thing for One day, Woo-Kyung Kim, illustrated by Won-Woo Yi, 2002

A Princess of Yew Tree, Yun-Gyu Pak, illustrated by Jong-Min Kim, 2002

Jakob Ist Kein Armer Vogel!, Gabriele Heiser, illustrated by Katharina Joanowitsch, translated by Se-Hoon Kwun, 2002

Mouche et la mere Podcha, Yark Rivais, translated by Yun-Jung Choe, 2002

A Fine White Dust, Cynthia Rylant, translated by Hyang-Joo Pak, 2002

The Dreams of Dusky Dolphin, Jonathan Harlen, translated by Sang-Hee Yi, 2002

Eine Woche Voller Samstage, Paul Marr, translated by Seo-Jung Kim, 2002

The Shore Beyond, Mary Joslin, illustrated by Alison Jay, translated by Seo-Jung Kim, 2002

L’Evasion de Kamo, Daniel Pennac, Hyun-Sil Jo, 2003

Copain trop copain, Chris Donner, illustrated by Michel Gay, translated by Yun-Jong Choe, 2003

Trop Copines, Chris Donner, illustrated by Michel Gay, translated by Yun-Jong Choe, 2003

The Greatest Treasure of Charlemagne the King, Nadia Wheatley, illustrated by Deborah Klein, translated by Kyung-Hye Yi, 2003

Karlsson Pa Taket Flyger Igen, Astrid Lindgren, translated by Mi-Kyung Jung, 2003

The Friends of Emily Culpepper, Ann Colerige, illustrated by Roland Harvey, translated by Sang-Hee Yi, 2003

Emilio ou la petite lecon de litterature, Chris Donner, translated by Jung-Yim Yun, illustrated by Jong-Min Kim, 2003

Timmy, Colin Thiele, translated by ‘Sunlight and Lumberman’, illustrated by Sueng-Min Yi, 2003

Storm Boy, Colin Thiele, illustrated by Robert Ingpen, translated by Ok-Soo Kim, 2003

Home is the Sailor, written by Terry Denton, translated by Hyang-Joo Pak, 2003