A classic French cartoon series showing the national pride, temperament and sensitive humor of France. Masters of French Cartoon, Rene Goscinny’s realism style and Albert Uderzo’s humorous graphical technique made this series a great hit.

A Gaul warrior Asterix and his friend Obelix are the heroes of the adventures. Many other characters join the struggle of Gaul against Roman Empire.

31 volumes are published since 1961. Translated and published in 42 countries. Asterix is a great work stressing the importance of minority and variety with humor and innuendo.

Moonji began publishing the series since 2001 with “The Hero of Gaul, Asterix”. The latest translation is “Asterix Becomes a British Soldier” in 2003. 12 volumes are published at present. Moonji will translate and publish all 31 volumes to provide the series’ extraordinary humor and popular characters to the Korean readers.

Asterix the Gaul, 2001

Asterix and Cleopatra, 2001

Asterix the Gladiator, 2001

Asterix and the Normans, 2001

Asterix at the Olympic Games, 2001

Asterix and the Great Crossing, 2002

Asterix et les Goths, 2002

Le Serpe D’or, 2002

Le Tour de Gaule d’Asterix, 2002

Le Combat des Chefs, 2003

Asterix chez les Bretons, 2003

Asterix Legionnaire, 2003