MOONJI blue books

Moonji Blue Books Series strives to be the blue earth for Korean teenagers. Learning is not just about winning in competition. Knowledge is not just about power. Moonji wants the teenagers of this age to contemplate and act on their own to be the masters of their lives.


Bright Eye Series

Upside-Down Science, written by Yong-Hoon Joun, 2000

(Revised and Added) Learning how to read by Essays, written by Shi-Han Choe, 2001

Logic of Seeing Society, written by Chan-Ho Kim, 2001


Let’s Do It! Series

Let’s Do It! Making a Movie, written by Ho-Joon Jang, 2001


Theme Literature Series

Family: The House on a Crossroads, edited by Shi-Han Choe, 2002
Woman: Woman, the Mirror of Man, edited by Gyoung-Soo KIm, 2002
Partition: Rainbow an the Ceasefire Line, edited by Myoung-Hui Yi, 2002