Quarterly magazine “literature and society”

“Literature and Society” is the successor of “Literature and Intelligence”, which was discontinued by the unjust “Press Abolition and Amalgamation” policy in 1980. From 1988 spring issue to 2003 autumn issue, a total of 63 issues were published.

Excerpt from the introduction of the first issue. “To break through the political and intellectual deadlock and to fight against the oppression of reality and knowledge, our publications should be more open and systematical, and we have to raise new generations of culture.”

Introduces and analyzes various aspects of culture. Began awarding “Literature and Society New Writer Award” in 2002 to discover new talents.

Issue 61

[Feature Article] “Is World Literature Possible?”
History of the World Literature and the Issue of the Switch Over: Lukacs, Bahktin, Kundera and Moretti _Tae-Hwan Kim
The Logic of the Field of World Literature and the Prospects _Soung-Ho Hong
Writers Without Nationalities: Postmodernism and Politics of Dispersion _Souk-Goo Yi
The History of Man in the 20th Century and the Direction of World Literature _ Anatoly Kim

“Paradise of Yours” Commemorating the 100th Printing: From “Paradise of Yours” to “Paradise of Ours”
Interview: A Conversation for “Paradise of Yours” emerging from “Your Own Paradise” _Chan-Jae Woo with Choung-Joon Yi
Criticism Anthology: “Paradise of Yours”, How I Read it
Latest Prose and Story from Choung-Joon Yi

Issue 62

[Feature Article] Beyond the Nationalism
Race and Nation, Racialism and Nationalism _Jong-Eun Yi
Nationalism and the Conflict of Literature _Song-Sang Il
A Monster Called Nationalism and Sexual Politics _Soung-Shil Choe
Nuclear Crisis in the Korean Peninsula and Nuclear Nationalism: Analysis of the Mass Mentality in “Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed” _Sang-Joon Kim

Issue 63

[Feature Article] The Myth of “Manhood”
Masculinity in Korea: The Unreasonable Killer _Yoo-Soung Joung
Man in Myths: Through the Creation Myth of Ancient Babylon, “Enuma Elish” _Gi-Ryoung Hong
Manhood on the Border: Focusing on the Novels of Hoon Kim _Jin-Gyoung Shim
The Hand of Fate?: Historical Trauma and the Manhood of Korea _So-Young Kim

[Project 21st Century]: An Interview with Quignard
Searching for Pascal Quignard hidden in Sens, France _Eui-Gyoung Song