MOONJI spectrum

Moonji Spectrum is a paperback series that corresponds flexibly with the sudden changes of the Korean cultural and intellectual spectrum. Relatively short books on various matters that are easy for the readers to access. The series helps the elevation of the readers’ taste on reading. It also handles many complex phenomenon of the Korean society in seven fields.

Classification of the Fields

  • Field 1: Korea Literature
  • Field 2: Foreign Literature
  • Field 3: Prose of the World
  • Field 4: Culture
  • Field 5: Intellects of Our Times
  • Field 6: Focus of Knowledge
  • Field 7: Classic Thoughts of the World

Orchard/ Rose, written by Rainer Maria Rilke , 2002

Rilke’s French poems are comprised of only 2 or 3 rows, also the rows are short. This gives a buoyant feeling. The poems are about natural sceneries or ordinary subjects as rose, window and palm unlike his previously published German poems.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, written by James Joyce , 1997

The master of the 20th century modernism literature, James Joyce’s semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story. Refusing all conventions of the society, the self pursuits the freedom of individual being within 5 chapters. Joyce gives a strong sense of life with this book of the wandering and conflict of mind of a modern man.

First Love(Premier Amour), written by Samuel Barclay Beckett , 2002

“Purgee”, “Sedative” and “End” of the four short stories were written right after the World War II. “First Love” was finally published in the 1970’s. The author questions the structure of novel. “How does a novel get written” He opens up new area for modern novels with new structure on story, destruction of antiquated tense and grammar, and continuous use of complicated words.

Mumbling in Front of the Screen, written by DJUNA , 2001

Online movie reviews of a faceless SF writer residing in the cyberspace. Djuna’s writings jump around the network of movies in diffuse, persistent and light manner that resemble the art of internet surfing. The author spells out a variety of comments on movies without any formula. From movie censorship to arguments on genre, character analysis, Korean movies, and movie-watching manner of Koreans, There are lots of stuffs going around.

Critique of the Japanese Imperial Colony Modernization Theory, written by Yong-Ha Shin , 1998

A collection of articles and reviews criticizing colony modernization theory from an author who devoted on searching the truth of the history of invasion of Japanese imperialism and Korean independence activism. These are “bitter words” that are essential for the improvement of Korea-Japan relationship in the 21st century.

The History of Korean Literary Circles, written by Byung-Ik Kim , 2001

A collection of columns the author wrote on Dong-a Ilbo newspaper when he was a journalist assigned to the literature section of the same newspaper. This is a passionate product of a small intellect who had to fight with the society in his thirties.
“The History of Korean Literary Circles” includes the authentic history in chronological table and many events from the unofficial history of Korean literature.

Modernity, Asian Value and Globalization, written by Hwan Yi , 1999

Refusing favoritism and isolation to be a true “world citizen,” a French literature academic, Hwan Yi brings out a sincere proposal. The author emphasizes on establishing a new identity to join particularity and universality for the new era together.