Academic essays

The Cost of Living, written by Arundhati Roy , 2003

Arundhati Roy reads the transition of history and the secrets of the world with the sense and eye of an on-the-spot activist, then she writes them down with original words. Her actions and writings keep mutual understanding for each other, and her sentences turn down conventional words. The sentences are short, but they are full of imagination. The book is for people who try to see the history and the world with a new vision.

Beautiful Person, Joong-Sub Yi, written by In-Gwon Jeon , 2000

The book demystifies myths on the artist, Joong-Sub Yi, and sheds light on the truth. “Myth” on Joong-Sub Yi was created with all those biographies, plays and movies. And yet this book focuses on the economic difficulty caused by the Vietnam War, the pain in the contradictory political system caused by the Cold War ideology after the Korean War and the artist’s personal pain caused by leaving his lover. It also tells us about the artist’s genuine and straight attitude on art, and his tragic death in detail. It reveals the truth of Joong-Sub Yi.

Facing Death with No Wish at All, written by Geo-Il Bok , 1996

The author had shown endless love towards disappeared objects and the minority. He shares knowledge of coexistence to the surviving and the majority. Geo-Il Bok displays his consistent opinion in 40 essays.

The Blank Space of Philosophy, written by Yi-Moon Park , 1997

The author connects his thoughts on philosophy, sociology and ethics found in everyday life with the essence of civilization and human nature. His elegant and liberal essays stand right by the excellent writings of the west.

Natural Voice and Feigned Voice, written by Gwang-Gyu Kim , 1996

A bit of observation and thoughts coming from the author’s experiences on the transition of an era and the refraction of time is shown straightforward. The first chapter is about the author’s life and writings on poetry. The second introduces the works of Korean writers and poets. The third is about book reviews and monthly reviews, and the fourth is about his journal and travel sketches.