Deep reading korean literature

About Deep Reading the Korean Literature

“Deep Reading Korean Literature” is a project that brings the weight and maturity of the masters of poetry, novel and criticism into relief.
The authors’ literary worlds are shown with stories of the literary scene, reviews on authors and studies on the works.

The Deep Reading series not only restores the continuity of Korean literature but also contributes to the understanding of individual authors.

List of Deep Reading Series

Deep Reading Soung-Won Hong, edited by Joung-Sun Hong, 1997
Deep Reading Dong-Gyoo Hwang, edited by Eung-Baek Ha, 1998
Deep Reading Byoung-Ik Kim, edited by Min-Yup Soung, 1998
Deep Reading Jong-Gi Ma, edited by Gwa-Ri Joung, 1999
Deep Reading Joo-Young Kim, edited by Jong-Youn Hwang, 1999
Deep Reading Choung-Joon Yi, edited by Oh-Ryong Gwon, 1999
Deep Reading Hyoun-Jong Joung, edited by Gwang Ho Yi, 1999
Deep Reading Chi-Soo Kim, edited by Gwa-Ri Joung, 2000
Deep Reading Gwang-Gyoo Kim, edited by Min-Yup Soung, 2001
Deep Reading Sang-Ryoong Pak, edited by Sa-In Kim, 2001
Deep Reading Joo-Youn Kim, edited by Min-Yup Soung, 2001
Deep Reading Won-Il Kim, edited by Oh-Ryong Gwon, 2002
Deep Reading Gyoo-Won Oh, edited by Gwang-Ho Yi, 2002