Mordern intelligence

The Great Cat Massacre, written by Robert Darnton , 1996
This book explores all classes of French society in the 18th century. And it digs out hidden meanings from writings, which were too questionable to be accepted as historical material. Studies on peasant’s folklores, the cat massacre event at a printing house in Paris, instruction of the city of Montpellier written by a resident, the introduction of the “Encyclopedie” and an order sheet of books written by citizen are included.

The Cheese and the Worm, written by Carlo Ginzburg , 2001

A strange and perplexing “history book” to the established historians or narrative viewpoints, it is a story of a mill owner in Italy in the 16th century. With a vivid mystery story-like style, the writer tracks down the works and thoughts of the protagonist, Menocchio, who was charged for heresy and burned at the stake.

The Women and the Men of Korea, written by Hye-Jung Jo , 1999
A liberalist and a cultural anthropologist, the author proves that patriarchal system is one of the most inhuman oppressive system. She insists that overcoming it should be essential to the survival of human race and the recovery of humanistic life for Koreans all together.

At the End of the Gutenberg-Galaxy, written by Norbert Bolz , 2000
Am Ende der Gutenberg-Galaxis
At the end of the world, “Gutenberg-Galaxy” – as coined by Marshall McLuhan, the author gives prospects on the new situation of communication, the new media and the internet. He examines the legacy of the past in order to travel to a new galaxy of the human mind.

Collective Intelligence(L’intelligence collective), written by Pierre Levy , 2002
The internet is a surreal field of communication according to Pierre Levy. Thoughts and data are already exchanged online, and humans talk with the virtual world continuously. Everyone will have their own site and form communities. This is the Collective Intelligence to Levy.

Civilization of the Occidental Medieval (La Civilisation de l’Occident medieval), written by Jacques Le Goff , 1994
As a member of the second generation of the French “Annales” school – believing that history should be rewrote as the structure of long continuation, Le Goff reconstructed the Occidental Middle Ages. In this master piece, the author doesn’t just write about the history of humankind and culture, but also shows us how to understand and edit history. An outstanding study on history.

Difference and the Others, written by Dong-Wook Seo , 2000
The author deals with modern philosophies, which try to escape the traditional philosophy of the West. The book also includes thoughts on such terms as “Sunday”, “child” and “wound”, which were left out from the field of philosophy.

The Modern Korean History and the National Issue, written by Yong-Ha Shin , 1990
A sociologist and historian, the author shows us an independent and progressive vision on forced occupation of Japan, the Korean War, the division of Korean Peninsula and the dispossession of the New Colony, and the nationalist actions against them.