Introducing the MOONJI theory series

Moonji always tries to achieve free and creative development in culture and intelligence. Moonji expanded the horizon of Korean minds, secured universality of the thought process, acquired the objectivity of methodology and accumulated cultural achievements. These achievements were made possible with outstanding books on human knowledge, history and social science in the “Modern Classics” series and the “Modern Intelligence” series.
The “Modern Intelligence” series began in 1980 to resist political oppression and to prevent the standstill in the intelligence world. The “Modern Classics” carefully selected new classics that correspond to the new questions and issues of the modern society.
Moonji also publishes books on human knowledge, social science, literary criticism and art.


Modern Intelligence


The Great Cat Massacre, written by Robert Darnton , translated by Han Wook Jo, 1996

This book explores all classes of the 18th century French society. And it digs out hidden meanings from writings, which were too questionable to be accepted as historical material. Studies on Peasant folklores, the cat massacre event at a printing house in Paris, instruction of the city of Montpellier written by a resident, the introduction of the “Encyclopedie” and an order sheet of books from a citizen are included.


The Cheese and the Worms(IL FORMAGGIO EI I VERMI), written by Carlo Ginzburg, translated by Joung Ha Kim and Jae Boon Yoo, 2001

A strange and perplexing “history book” to the eyes of the established historians or narrative viewpoints, it is a story of a mill owner in Italy in the 16th century. With a vivid mystery story-like style, the writer tracks down the works and thoughts of the protagonist, Menocchio, who gets charged for heresy and burns at the stake.