List of award winning books

Korea Literature Writer Award

The River (Joung-In Suh, 1976)
The Man Left with Nine Shoes (Heung-Gil Yoon, 1977)
I am the Star’s Uncle (Hyoun-Jong Joung, 1978)


Korea Literature Award

A Portrait of My Sister [Free Section] (Jae-Yong Yoo, 1982)
Poetry and Rhythm [New Figure Section] (Woo-Suk Suh, 1982)
Historical Life and Criticism [New Figure Criticism] (Joung-Sun Hong, 1987)
Criticism as Precise Reading [Criticism] (Sang-Sub Yi, 1988)
Literature of the Open World [New Figure Criticism] (Tae-Hyoun Kim, 1988)
Excuse for Existence [Criticism] (Oh-Ryong Gwon, 1990)
Language of the Babel Tower [New Figure Criticism] (Jin-Woo Nam, 1990)
Openness and Cultivation [Criticism] (Byoung-Ik Kim, 1991)


Korea Fiction Literature Award

The Glow (Won-Il Kim, 1978)


Seoul Culture Award

Once Upon a Time (In-Hoon Choe, 1979)


Modern Literature Award

Literature and Utopia (Hyoun Kim, 1981)
Lyric Poetry Written on this Land (Gyoo-Won Oh, 1982)
Earth and Literature (Byoung-Ik Kim, 1983)
When the Other Sky Opens (Hyoung-Young Kim, 1988)
Life and Literary Cognition (Nam-Hyoun Jo, 1989)
Lotus in the Eye of a Crab (Ji-Woo Hwang, 1991)
Silence of the Road (Myoung-In Kim, 1999)
Magellan of the Grave (Gwa-Ri Joung, 1999)
Good Bye, Human! : Politics of Post-Introvert First Person Narrator [“Literature and Society” Issue 59] (Gwang-Ho Yi, 2002)


Academy of Science Award

Baudelaire (Bong-Gu Kim, 1981)


Poet Society Award

Goosander in the Neck of the Rapids (Young-Tae Kim, 1982)


Korea Literature Critic Association Award

Toy City (Dong-Ha Yi, 1982)


Korea Art Culture Award

The Die of Gods [Main Award] (Soon-Won Hwang, 1983)


Korea Culture Art Award

Memory of the Sad Times [President Award] (Won-Il Kim, 2001)


Today’s Young Artist Award

Searching for the Elephant [Minister of Culture and Tourism Award] (Kyoung-Ran Jo, 2002)


Korea Politics Academy Award

The Age of Epigonen (Moon-Kil Joung, 1988)


Korean Plublication Ethics Commission Literary Work Award

Hidden Truth and Literature (Byoung-Ik Kim, 1995)


Pen Literature Award

Openness and Cultivation (Byoung-Ik Kim, 1991)


Korean German Translation Literature Award

Story by Odradek (Kafka?Translated by Young-Ok Kim, 1998)


Modern Poem Award

My Upanishad, Seoul (Hye-Soon Kim, 1994)


Korean Published Cartoon Award Publishing Award

Bibim-toon 4 (Seung-Woo Hong, 2002)